Hermès Parfumerie: AR App

For the launch of their brand-new Parfumerie in Manhattan’s chic Brookfield Place, French luxury brand Hermès worked with agency Disruptive Media Lab to create a custom mobile app. Not only would it have invite-only features, it was also an augmented reality app. Targets were placed throughout the store, scavenger-hunt style. Users who focused their smartphone camera on the target unlocked a whimsical augmented reality vignette.

ClientHermès, Disruptive Media LabServicesAnimationYear2015Linkmobileperfumerieproject.com

Germantown Studios was hired by Disruptive Media Lab to conceive and develop several of the vignettes. These were built in 3D in Maya, and exported to the real-time engine in Unity. Because of the limitations of the real-time technology (and wide variety of supported devices), there were serious challenges to creating the lush and fanciful world of the Hermès brand. These included the important brand elements of the Hermès scarves, scented origami, and equestrian culture.

Along with ace animator, Will Robertson, we leveraged our expertise to creatively overcome some of those limitations. We were able to achieve the stylized realism and the flowing animation through various tricks, cheats, and 3D wizardry.

Below are some rendered previews of the animation. You can see more, including in-app footage at the project site. The app was a 2016 Webby Award Honoree.

Mashup of the renowned Hermès scarves and the recent Hermès origami scented horse
Iconic Hermès gift boxes coming to life, sharing their contents
The Hermès scented candle becomes a plant pot, sprouting symbols of the Manhattan landscape
Specially-marked glasses turned an average selfie into an exciting one featuring the origins of Hermès as an equestrian outfitter

You can see the finished promotional video, produced by Disruptive Media Lab, below.

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