Friendly’s Restaurant and Retail Social Media Videos

ClientFriendly's, NetplusServicesAnimationYear2017

Germantown Studios was hired by Netplus, a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, to create a series of social media videos for Friendly’s Restaurants and Retail. What started out as one or two ended up becoming a total of more than eight videos that were distributed through Facebook and Twitter.

It was a lot of fun bringing cartoon sensibilities and cinematic storytelling to various food elements, transforming burgers into cowboys, ice cream into farm animals, and candy into fireworks. This is what Germantown Studios excels in – giving life and personality to your graphics, be they photographs, illustrations, or texts.

Is that ketchup? Yeah, it's ketchup. It's ketchup.
Fourth of July, as celebrated in ice-cream, candy, and sprinkles (an homage to PES)
An adorable scoop of ice cream decides to get down and dirty in some fudge sauce.
Apparently, people are quite tribal about their sauces.
So many sprinkles - do you realize how many After Effects layers that translates to?
Don't judge – it's actually very yummy ice cream, especially on top of pumpkin pie.
On a technical note, we're especially proud of the way we were able to fake a 3D spin with a 2D image of a carton. If you're curious how we did it, drop us a line.
The challenge here was formatting the animation for several different aspect ratios – this one is formatted for smartphones, but we also did square, ultra-wide, and 4:3.

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