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Geoffrey Beatty, Consulting Animator

2016 Graphics Reel

2016 Graphics Reel Shot Breakdown:

  1. Bombshell Perfume promo (Victoria's Secret/Disruptive Media Lab) - modeling, rigging, animation, compositing
  2. Bodum French Press (Per...

2016 Character Reel

2016 Character Reel Shot Breakdown:

  1. Render More promo (Google Cloud Platform) - animation
  2. Augmen...

#RenderMore for Google Cloud Platform


Hantai Katate Tori, Ikkyo Nage

Short, animated action of basic Aikido throw (cross-wrist grab, first set throw). Rigs from Joe Daniels

GoPhillyGo Launch Animation

Promotional video for GoPhillyGo (a project of the Clean Air Council) promoting the launch of their new mapping site....

Valen-Vine’s Day 2015

Starting on February 1st, I made a Vine video for each day leading up to Valentine's Day. This was inspired by the practice of my dear friend and mentor

Bullseye’s Playground: Character Animations

Bullseye, Zoomer the Dinosaur, and assorted characters animated for Google & Target's "Bullseye's Playground." Deployed in select Target stores nationwide on Google's Project...

Science Mill Animations

Some visualization animations for interactive exhibits at the new Hill Country Science Mill science center in Texas. These are part of a larger Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit featuring customizable...

Bullseye’s Playground: Zoomer Animations

Zoomer the Dinosaur, animated for Google & Target's "Bullseye's Playground." Deployed in select Target stores nationwide on Google's Project Tango tablet.

Software: Maya...

Bullseye’s Playground for Target + Google

Germantown Studios was hired by global creative agency Stinkdigital to create in-game character animation for Target and Goog...

Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ Times Square NASDAQ Tower Video

Animation for Inovio Pharmaceuticals' IPO on the

Graphics Reel (2014)

2014 Motion Graphics Reel Shot Breakdown:

  1. Bit tunnel (MSI Chicago/Nearlife) - modeling, animation
  2. 3D valentine (personal) - modeling, animation
  3. Winter scene...

Character Reel

2014 Character Reel

Shot Breakdown
  1. Genie lamp (personal) - modeling, animation, effects

French Press

Photo-realistic model of classic Bodum French Press coffee maker.

Modeled and animated ...

DAKdirect – How It Works

Promotional video for boutique financial services search firm D.A. Kreuter Associates explaining their web-based solution,

Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Germantown Studios! Software: Autodesk Maya/

Inovio – How DNA Vaccines Are Delivered

Promotional video for Inovio Pharmaceuticals describing their "electroporation" technology. Art direction by

Inovio – Synthetic Vaccine Design

Promotional video for Inovio Pharmaceuticals describing their Synthetic Vaccine Design process. Art direction by

Museum Exhibit Animations

3D models and animations for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's IDEA Award winning exhibit "

The Picture Element (WIP)

A short, stop-motion animation utilizing every day objects as picture elements (or "pixels").

Music from Mud Pie Sun B...

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