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Geoffrey Beatty, Consulting Animator

Bullseye’s Playground for Target + Google

Germantown Studios was hired by global creative agency Stinkdigital to create in-game character animation for Target and Google. Using Google’s Project Tango tablet device, shoppers in select stores nationwide were able to navigate a 3D “winter wonderland” called Bullseye’s Playground…. Continue Reading →

Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ Times Square NASDAQ Tower Video

Animation for Inovio Pharmaceuticals‘ IPO on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Nov. 25, 2014), displayed on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square Art direction by Warkulwiz Design Associates Initial helix illustration by Michael Rogalski

Graphics Reel (2014)

Character Reel

French Press

DAKdirect – How It Works

Valentine’s Day 2014

Inovio – How DNA Vaccines Are Delivered

Inovio – Synthetic Vaccine Design

Museum Exhibit Animations

The Picture Element (WIP)

Valentine’s Day 2011

Philadelphia Museum of Art – 2012 Holiday Card

Stanley Cup Attract Screen

Valentine’s Day 2010

Retail Visualization

Design Center Promotional Video

Flipbook: Tree

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